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‘The record shows I took the blows and did it my way.’


There has been much written about bad SLT’s recently. In particular @oldandrewuk highlighted a car crash of personal testimonies in his blog The Darkest term: Teacher Stress and Depression. It makes for genuinely disturbing reading.

This in some ways is a response to the SLT bashing… but also it is a call, a rallying of people who work in senior leadership in schools. It is a call to look from our principles rather than the fear of what we perceive is happening. In the short story Ragnorak Jorge Luis Borges wrote, “We do not feel horror because we are haunted by the Sphinx, we dream a Sphinx in order to explain the horror.” Replace Sphinx with inconsistent SLT, soulless Ofsted inspectors or unhinged parents). Education has become so complex and confused that I feel SLT’s are in real…

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