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PISA, Private Schools and Progressivism

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3D Eye

We live in interesting times. This is from yesterday’s Guardian:

Gove’s ‘progressive betrayal’ seems to be a private school phenomenon

My research using the Pisa data found that state school pupils report more ‘traditional’ teaching than in private schools, says Laura McInerney

Liz Truss, schools minister, seethed about the fact that England’s relatively low use of textbooks compared with other countries is in part due to progressivist “child-centred learning”.

Likewise, the education secretary, Michael Gove, gave a speech entitled The Progressive Betrayal in which he argued that such ideas had addled a generation; that restoring rigour was a priority, in particular, more memorisation of facts and “disciplined” learning – which seems to mean being silent and facing the front.

If it were true that “progressive” thinking had taken over, it would be problematic. But how many Sats or GCSE or A-level teachers will tell you their class aren’t memorising…

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