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Starting with a story – The Pied Piper

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The last weekend of November saw us [a group of adults at a West Midlands Mantle of the Expert Network workshop] working with Cecily O’Neil on how to use a known story to lead into learning for children. Someone chose The Pied Piper as their favourite story and following a brief refresher of the plot we were soon into some drama for learning.

Now this wasn’t fluffy drama with silly voices, this turned out to be a powerful learning experience for the people involved. What follows is a summary of the tasks:

  • “Make a still image of a family life in Hamelin. What might we see in one of their homes? Make sure children and parents are in your image.” We looked at what the images told us.
  • “Now make the image with one of the children being taken by the Pied Piper.” We looked at each image like a painting; commenting on form…

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