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Firm Foundations

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Andrew Morrish

A guest post by @claireupton, EYFS leader @VicParkAcademy

I come from a long line of construction workers  – men who believed in hard work, getting it right first time, and who took a pride in their craftsmanship.  I firmly believe that as teachers and teaching assistants we are also builders, working hard to form strong and sturdy children who are well equipped to withstand the elements of adult life. Staff at Victoria Park Academy work hard to be master craftsmen in our construction of a meaningful and purposeful education for the children who come to our school.   What is particularly special at Victoria Park Academy is the way in which we view children as co-workers, supplying them with their own tools to help them to succeed in education and beyond.  We equip them to become the best that they can be.

Any building should be based upon firm foundations. Architects…

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