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Cecily O’Neil working with Year 3 – “Mystery Virus Hits Holiday Island”

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It was a pleasure to host the West Midlands Mantle of the Expert Network weekend at our school at the end of November. Thanks to Iona Towler Evans, David Allen and Kate Katafiasz for bringing the best people to our school! Cecily O’Neil is a respected drama practitioner [google her!] and was focussing on the use of story in the classroom. She started the session with the children by talking to them about their classroom and their current work. They agreed that they would tell a story together and use drama. This led smoothly into her writing up the headline “Mystery Virus Hits Holiday Island”.

“I was told you were doctors…” Some children said they were photographers [linked to their current work]. Cecily accepted this whilst reinforcing the main aim of the work;  “I need doctors…” and they were off! The story was developing. The children worked in role to establish…

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