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Taking Stock of the Education Agenda Part 1

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This has been a rather remarkable year in education and in my professional life.  Amid the permanent white water of policy change, I’ve been fortunate to have numerous opportunities to engage with teachers, school leaders, academics and policy-makers.  The world of twitter and blogging continues to provide a wonderfully rich seam of challenging material.  David Didau, Joe Kirby and Alex Quigley are among those who regularly challenge me to re-evaluate my practice. There have been some very good books and a few such as Daisy Christodoulou’s ‘Seven Myths’ that, whilst I don’t accept the overall message, have certainly made me think; in fact I’ve been challenged quite a lot this year.

Conference highlights include attending the SSAT Symposia in March, notably the sessions led by Tim Oates, Dylan Wiliam and Andy Hargreaves; the Education Festival at Wellington where Geoff Barton’s session on literacy left a big impression; ResearchEd…

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