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“Slowing Down My Neutron Star”

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The Backdrop

Perhaps, like many teachers who drive to work, the 25-30 minute journey there is over far too quickly. Invariably, it only seems to take five minutes. Personally, I get lost in so many different thoughts and, occasionally, in ‘Mark’s World’ I may even hit my version of educational flow and hear my inner voice yell, “write that down because you’ll forget it at work and it’s really good”.

By the time I have arrived at the school the thought has gone. What was I thinking five minutes ago? And was it really that important? How did the latent thoughts of my Educational Id pass into my Reality Principal of school life as a teacher? Why did I forget that great idea?

Was there a distortion, in part due to my HMiE /OFSTED driven Dreamwork which just “trod very harshly on my dreams?”

The Reality

Invariably, these moments then…

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