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The Myth of Progress Within Lessons

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My heckles are risen so I need to post this and post it quick.  Let me nail my colours to the mast here and make a bold, unequivocal statement:

There is no such thing as progress within lessons.  There is only learning.

And let me make a second, equally bold and unequivocal statement to back it up:

The main perpetuators of the myth of ‘progress within lessons’ are leadership teams within schools, not Ofsted.

Right, now that we all know where we are let me explain further, and let me start with my evidence that it is NOT Ofsted asking for the mythical ‘progress within lessons’ by picking out some key quotes from the Inspection Handbook rewritten as recently as December 2012.  In the section on “Quality of Teaching in the School” it starts beautifully:

“The most important role of teaching is to promote learning and to raise pupils’ achievement.”…

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