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The Heart of the Matter

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Love Learning....

I’ve not been on twitter much this week, and when I have, it’s led to mild irritation. Returning from a wonderful few days working with middle school children in Istanbul, I tapped back into twitter to find the same strident voices peddling the same certainties and instead of wondering whether I should respond, as I usually do, I simply switched off. For a couple of days, at least. And while I switched off, I read Ian Gilbert’s book  ‘Independent Thinking’. Instead of irritation, I laughed, and shed a little tear and hummed and ahhhed and smiled and popped post-it notes on pages. Ian’s book doesn’t tell you how to teach. It doesn’t tell at all. It wonders and it is full of wonder. And so, I’m looking at my work with renewed eyes. Istanbul eyes and Gilbert eyes. And what I see is joy, love and hope. Not mastery, purpose…

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