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Dog Eat Dog

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Freeing the Angel

Child against child. Teacher against teacher. School against school. We are creating a dog eat dog world.

In Julia Donaldson’s The Snail and the Whale, a tiny snail hitches a lift around the world on the back of a mighty whale. The whale is huge; the snail is tiny. The whale can swim through the oceans of the world. The snail is stuck on a rock in the bay, until the whale offers her a ride. In the context of a whale, the snail feels tiny, and more than a little useless. Together they form a bond as they travel the world, marveling at its wonders. And then one day, the whale gets beached in a bay. For all his power, and size, and speed, there is nothing he can do to get back into the sea. It is now that the snail comes into her own, for it is…

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