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Encouraging Boys to Write – Football Blog

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In Year Six I have just re-started the Year Six football blog in an attempt to encourage and improve writing, particularly from boys. Recent press reports have indicated that an unhealthy proportion of boys writing is well below the national standard in the UK, in fact according to the Daily Telegraph, they are around twice as likely as girls to fail in basic writing assessments.

It is well documented that this has nothing whatsoever to do with ability, moreover it is a motivation issue. I came across this fantastic article on The Globe and Mail, by Margaret Wente which suggested one possible solution was to ‘celebrate boys’ boyness’.

In a nutshell, this article summarises these main points:

  1.  Boys need to have a good relationship with the teacher.
  2.  Boys will only stay engaged as long as the work interests them.
  3.  Boys need purpose, to make a difference

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