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Possible Topics for Weds 4/12/13

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This week’s #primedchat is going to be… “Does guided reading work?”
We decided completely undemocratically, by show of ‘twitter hands’, but next week we’ll organise a proper vote.

Some reading:
– In The Twelve: “Guided Reading – Enjoy it”
– Chris Chivers – “If you can read this, thank a teacher”

This weeks possible topics for discussion were:

– Lesson observation
– New SEN codes of practice
– Preparing for the new Curriculum – esp how schools are approaching – projects/topics,some standalone subjects? Also CPD req to support NC
– Thoughts on the new History curriculum
– Generally something positive and uplifting!
– how do people using EYFS as a role model throughout school?
– Does guided reading work?

Please comment below if you have thoughts on these topics and others you would like to discuss in the future.

One thought on “Possible Topics for Weds 4/12/13

  1. Prep for the new curriculum would be good. I’d like to know what others are doing.

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