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Challenges Ahead

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Class Teaching

challenges aheadOn Friday we had an INSET day at DHS.  I spoke about the importance of modelling, Andy Tharby then shared how he is working smarter with regards to marking and finally Lucy Darling talked us through some of the great literacy developments that are happening across the school.

On top of this, staff were asked to write down and share one successful strategy they have used to develop ‘challenge’ in their teaching – one of our ‘Big4’.  Challenge in terms of:

  • Stretching student understanding of a topic
  • Making students want to learn deeper
  • Developing their belief that they can achieve beyond their expectations
  • Building the resilience of students to overcome challenges

I have summarised the strategies they shared below:

beyond your best

When a student says they don’t know the answer in front of the class, instead of asking someone else I draw out the answer from them by changing/simplifying the question, until…

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