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Ofsted – Enter the Domain of the Dementors…

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I can honestly say that I have started several blogs, but time and time again I have wondered whether I am genuinely adding anything new to the debate or anything that people may benefit from, which surely is a key driver behind blogging – apart from clarifying ones own ideas…which would be a painfully narcissistic way of going about things.  So, there are several blogs in false start mode on the gird awaiting a push start…

…however, my most recent and strangely the one I’m most likely to place in the public domain is the one I’m least confident about or at least sure about how it will be received.  Yes – as the title suggests it is about OFSTED…Yes, I can hear you all either running screaming for the hills declaring that, “Frankly my dear I don’t give a daaaaaaaaaaaamn!” or pugilistically squaring up and saying, “What the F*ck…

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