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The first #SLTcamp

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My post is in 3 parts . . .

Part 1 – Written for fellow campers who went on the weekend and/or those considering a SLTcamp in the future
Part 2 – My reflections of the weekend
Part 3 – What I got out of the weekend

Part 1
Roll up, roll up! . . .

Who is up for a weekend away in a youth hostel, in the middle of term, actually in the middle of November! NB you will be sharing a bedroom with up to 4 other people who you have never met before. . . Yes I can see this is grabbing you; images of cold and basic conditions!
Let’s re-frame this so you can appreciate how amazing and positive the weekend was . . .

How it all began
A tweet appeared in the summer promoting the first ever #SLTcamp. An opportunity for senior leaders…

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