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What if Prince George turns out “as thick as a plank”? The issue of the ‘bottom 10%’

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The future king of Great Britain arrived last week. Catapulted into an aristocratic world of wealth and privilege that most of us can only dream of. In this world, opulent palaces, Michelin-starred chefs, dressers, nannies, nursemaids and serving staff are all at twenty-four hour disposal. The highest quality attention and accommodation that money can buy, and, ~ let’s not forget~ the gold-standard private medical care.  In the not-too-distant future Prince George can also expect to benefit from a (some might say) enviable public-school education. Will this improve his academic chances? I’ll digress and return to this later.


For those of us of somewhat less privilege in the state education sector, the latest plan that Michael Gove et al have devised is to examine children at age 11, whilst still at primary school, (we won’t mention the 11+). Ostensibly, this is in order that they be accurately streamed on entry into…

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