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Creating the conditions for great teachers to thrive

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A previous post, What makes a great teacher?, was a popular post. I suppose that’s not surprising; people are intrigued to know what the answer might be. Am I a great teacher? Can I be a great teacher? What would it take for me to feel that this applies to me? We all want to know. I’m the same. But as a Headteacher, I have to ask myself another set of questions:

  • Where teachers are already ‘great teachers’, am I doing enough to reward and motivate them? Are we helping them to be great teachers or are we putting obstacles in the way?
  • Where teachers are on the way or have the potential to be really great teachers am I doing enough to encourage them, to guide them, to motivate them?
  • I also have to ask if there are teachers who would need significant support and guidance to approach…

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